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Product Description

Solar Cells

From Allied Scientific Pro’s offices in Canada and Taiwan R.O.C. (Republic of China), we offer on-demand sourcing, import and export of solar energy products and components.

We also offer mass produced components and systems. Taiwan produces about 20% of the world production of solar products and Mainland China about 60%. Taiwan produced about 6 GWatts of solar cells last year in 19 factories manufacturing mono and polycrystalline cells and 12 factories producing thin-films. We are also connected to key suppliers in Mainland China and Korea.

Solar cell monocrystalline

Monocrystalline silicon (c-Si): often made using the Czochralski process. Single-crystal wafer cells tend to be expensive, and since they are cut from cylindrical ingots, do not completely cover a square solar cell module without a substantial waste of refined silicon. Hence, most c-Si panels have uncovered gaps at the four corners of the cells.

  • Efficiency: ~18%

Most expensive technology. Pricedriven by the production capacity output of the factory, fluctuation price substrate and demand.

Solar Cell Polycrystalline
Poly- or Multicrystalline silicon (poly-Si or mc-Si): made from cast square ingots — large blocks of molten silicon carefully cooled and solidified. Poly-Si cells are less expensive to produce than single crystal silicon cells, but are slightly less efficient.

  • Efficiency: ~14%

Second most expensive techn

ology. Price is driven by the production capacity and cost output of the factory, fluctuation price substrate and demand.

Solar Cell Thin-Film
Thin-film technologies reduce the amount of material required in creating a solar cell. Though this reduces material cost, it may also reduce energy conversion efficiency. Compared to wafer silicon cells, thin-film silicon cells have become popular due to cost, flexibility, lighter weight, and ease of integration.

Thin film solar cells are developed on a foundation of silicon solar cells. They can be further classified as silicon-based thin film solar cells, compound semi-conductive solar cells, and dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC). CdTe , a-Si, and CIGS are the major forms of thin film solar cells.

  • Efficiency of CIGS thin-film is about 10% at production

Less expensive. Price driven by the production capacity our put of the factory, fluctuation price substrate and demand.

Our purchasing department can get the best price from our Asian suppliers and we can organize the logistic for delivery.

Contact us today for a quote! Prices for cells change rapidly in the market place. At present, they vary from 0,75$US to 1,2$US per watt depending on quantity and performance.

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