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T695 DC Drive HV LED Optical & Electrical Tester

  • The T695 integrates with a spectrometer and intensity detector.
  • Users also can choose a 30cm Integration sphere (other sizes possible) to measure “DC driven LEDs of High-voltages & Low-currents to establish high performance, accuracy LEDs with a wide measuring range.
  • These factors ensure LED quality control with high measuring repeatability and stability.
  • Perfect for LED QC Lab or R&D Lab
  • Competitive price

Comprehensive Test items : Vf, Lv, λD, x, y, CCT, CRI…etc.

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Product Description

Key Feature tegrate with spectrometer and intensity detector, users also can choose 30cm Integration sphere (different size could be chosen) to measure “DC drive LED of High-voltage & Low-current”

  •  Perform high accuracy and wide measuring range.
  •  Ensure LED quality control with high measuring repeatability and stability
  •  Comprehensive Test items : Vf, Lv, λD, x, y, CCT, CRI…etc.
  •  Apply different integration time for different condition of wavelength measurement
  •  Conform to CIE testing scheme & IS traceable calibration
  •  All Chinese operation mode, user friendly interface
  •  Friendly graphic user interface and easy multi-points criteria setting for white LED sorting
  •  CCT and CRI are available, provide the best solution for lighting application
  •  Provide various diagrams for LED characters analysis
  •  Multiple drive conditions for one test item is available
  •  Complete raw data and statistics for advanced analysis



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