Acquisition of Asensetek Taiwan Lighting Passport assets by Allied Scientific Pro

A great moment in the history of ASP

Steeve Lavoie
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Dear Valued customers and Partners,

It is with great honor that CEO, Steeve Lavoie of Allied Scientific Pro (ASP) of Canada and Aeron Wang, CEO of Asensetek Taiwan, announced today the acquisition of Asensetek Taiwan Lighting Passport assets by ASP. ASP has been a distributor in North America from the start and an early shareholder of Asensetek since 2012.

ASP will maintain the production of the product line, softwares, APPs, the calibration and repairs in Taiwan and continue to operate with the highest quality standards. R&D will be lead by our Canadian office.

ASP’s new branch in Canada called Asensetek Canada Inc will be responsible for the operations of the Lighting Passport product Worldwide. It is the intention of the organization to maintain and support all distributors around the world. Mr. Gene Traverse, a very experienced Sales Manager, will lead the group with all the existing partners to make the business successful globally.

Steeve Lavoie CEO, ‘’ This acquisition is a great moment in the history of ASP, we are very proud of the product and its innovations, it offers a great value for our customers and for our company. We are delighted to ensure the legacy of the Lighting Passport. We will double the effort to make our customers satisfied and stay ahead of the curve in the marketplace pushing the product to a new stage. ‘’

Aeron Wang CEO, ‘’ As the founder of Asensetek, since the first day I devoted myself to eliminating the communication gap about lighting. After the launch of Lighting Passport, the world’s first smart spectrometer in 2013, the world’s first spectrum cloud service in 2017, everyone who cares about light and color finally had a way to express their enthusiasm, persistence, preference and love about lighting. It’s my fortune to be involved in the evolution of lighting applications in the past 8 years. Thank you for all the clients’ and partners’ dedication until now. I am confident ASP and the team will follow the past and expand the future. All the privileges of our clients and partners are well preserved. About myself, I will act as a consultant and smoothly transfer the whole business to Asensetek Canada. Thank you all for lighting up my life during this time. ‘’

For any information please: Steeve Lavoie at and 1-800-253-4107

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