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Agricultural health monitoring and soil monitoring using Near IR spectroscopy

Rez Mani
November 2019 — 94 views Nirvascan

Laser Cleaning of Coated substrates and mill scale

Rez Mani
November 2019 — 99 views Chromaticity Laser Cleaning

Impact of laser pulse duration to induce Single Event Upset (SEU)

Rez Mani
November 2019 — 82 views SEE

IES TM-30-18

Rez Mani
October 2019 — 198 views Lighting Passport

Hazards of using paint strippers to remove paint and laser cleaning alternative

Rez Mani
August 2019 — 1 comment — 200 views Laser Cleaning

Laser Welding Technote

Rez Mani
August 2019 — 175 views Laser Cleaning

Modes of Operations for Laser Paint Removal

Rez Mani
August 2019 — 194 views Laser Cleaning

Lighting Passport at the Irazú Volcano:

Rez Mani
August 2019 — 590 views Lighting Passport

Lighting Passport experience at the summit of the Poás Volcano

Rez Mani
July 2019 — 513 views Lighting Passport

Laser cleaning of bacteria infected surfaces

Rez Mani
February 2019 — 479 views Laser Cleaning

Lead and zinc-based paint stripping using laser technology

Rez Mani
December 2018 — 910 views Laser Cleaning

Summarizing the article, “Environmental Evaluation of Abrasive Blasting with Sand, Water, and Dry Ice”.

Rez Mani
November 2018 — 605 views Laser Cleaning

Case Study: Radioactive Decontamination with Laser Technology

Allied Scientific Pro
September 2018 — 1245 views Chromaticity Laser Cleaning

Artificial Light Balance for Growing Different Varieties of Tomatoes in Different Environments

Rez Mani
September 2018 — 896 views

Spectrometer, Spectro-Radiometer, Spectro-Photometer, Photometer, Radiometer; What is the Difference?

Rez Mani
September 2018 — 1300 views

Complementary use of Two Photon Absorption (TPA) and Particle SEE Testing

Ben Chramtchenko
September 2018 — 569 views

Understanding the Single Event Effect (SEE)

Rez Mani
June 2018 — 1550 views SEE

Laser cleaning and laser texturing in food industries

Rez Mani
May 2018 — 1249 views Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning and Surface Preparation for Composite Material

Rez Mani
May 2018 — 1801 views Laser Cleaning

Integrating Spheres and Applications

Steeve Lavoie
May 2018 — 1558 views Photometric Sphere