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Understanding the Single Event Effect (SEE)

Rez Mani
June 2018 — 59 views SEE

Laser cleaning and laser texturing in food industries

Rez Mani
May 2018 — 54 views Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning and Surface Preparation for Composite Material

Rez Mani
May 2018 — 141 views Laser Cleaning

Integrating Spheres and Applications

Steeve Lavoie
May 2018 — 196 views Photometric Sphere

Integrating Sphere Applications

Steeve Lavoie
May 2018 — 66 views Photometric Sphere

Application of Laser Cleaning Prior to Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloys

Rez Mani
March 2018 — 107 views Laser Cleaning

Principles of Laser Ablation and Laser Cleaning

Rez Mani
March 2018 — 134 views Laser Cleaning

Nuclear Decontamination by Laser for Decommissioning

March 2018 — 318 views Laser Cleaning

Financial Payback of Laser Coating Removal or Paint stripping Operations

Rolando Palacios
January 2018 — 182 views Laser Cleaning

How do You Measure Light?

Rolando Palacios
January 2018 — 294 views Lighting Passport Photometric Sphere

Laser Cleaning Of Aircraft Parts

November 2017 — 371 views Laser Cleaning

UV in Plant Photobiology

Rolando Palacios
November 2017 — 575 views Lighting Passport

Laser Cleaning of Stone and Masonry

Rez Mani
October 2017 — 541 views Laser Cleaning

The Comparison between a Near IR spectrometer (diffuse reflectance) and a Raman/FT-Raman spectrometer

Rolando Palacios
August 2017 — 529 views Nirvascan

Lighting in Relation to Growing Cannabis

August 2017 — 272 views Lighting Passport

Comparing the NIR spectroscopic method with FTIR/FT-NIR

Rolando Palacios
August 2017 — 1616 views Nirvascan


Rolando Palacios
August 2017 — 678 views Nirvascan

Photometrics Level 2 Webinar

Photometrics Level 1 Webinar

Harold Caicedo
February 2017 — 630 views Lighting Passport Photometric Sphere

Effects of Lighting on Animal Farms

Harold Caicedo
December 2016 — 504 views Lighting Passport