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Removal of deposited uranium particles using laser cleaning for metal surfaces

Rez Mani
January 2021 — 42 views Laser Cleaning

Application of laser technology to Li: Ion battery production

Rez Mani
November 2020 — 110 views Laser Cleaning

Cathode Relithiation; Use of laser cleaning for removal of Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEL) from Li-Ion batteries

Rez Mani
October 2020 — 153 views Laser Cleaning

Laser decontamination in the nuclear industry

Rez Mani
February 2020 — 587 views Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning of Coated substrates and mill scale

Rez Mani
November 2019 — 1024 views Chromaticity Laser Cleaning

Hazards of using paint strippers to remove paint and laser cleaning alternative

Rez Mani
August 2019 — 1 comment — 777 views Laser Cleaning

Laser Welding Technote

Rez Mani
August 2019 — 551 views Laser Cleaning

Modes of Operations for Laser Paint Removal

Rez Mani
August 2019 — 549 views Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning of bacteria infected surfaces

Rez Mani
February 2019 — 1 comment — 1183 views Laser Cleaning

Lead and zinc-based paint stripping using laser technology

Rez Mani
December 2018 — 2069 views Laser Cleaning

Summarizing the article, “Environmental Evaluation of Abrasive Blasting with Sand, Water, and Dry Ice”.

Rez Mani
November 2018 — 962 views Laser Cleaning

Case Study: Nuclear Radioactive Decontamination for decommissioning with Laser Technology

Allied Scientific Pro
September 2018 — 2059 views Chromaticity Laser Cleaning

Laser cleaning and laser texturing in food industries

Rez Mani
May 2018 — 1840 views Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning and Surface Preparation for Composite Material

Rez Mani
May 2018 — 2796 views Laser Cleaning

Application of Laser Cleaning Prior to Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloys

Rez Mani
March 2018 — 2006 views Laser Cleaning

Principles of Laser Ablation and Laser Cleaning

Rez Mani
March 2018 — 2864 views Laser Cleaning

Nuclear Decontamination by Laser for Decommissioning

Rez Mani
March 2018 — 3443 views Laser Cleaning

Financial Payback of Laser Coating Removal or Paint stripping Operations

Steeve Lavoie
January 2018 — 1252 views Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning Of Aircraft Parts

Rez Mani
November 2017 — 2345 views Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning of Stone and Masonry

Rez Mani
October 2017 — 5152 views Laser Cleaning