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The Comparison between a Near IR spectrometer (diffuse reflectance) and a Raman/FT-Raman spectrometer

Rez Mani
August 2017 — 1069 views Nirvascan

Comparing the NIR spectroscopic method withFTIR/FT-NIR

Rez Mani
August 2017 — 3261 views Nirvascan

Different Applications for Portable Near-IR Spectrometers

Rez Mani
August 2017 — 1454 views Nirvascan

White Paper: Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) for Surveillance Applications in Defense

Steeve Lavoie
March 2016 — 10896 views Imaging

Rolling shutter or global shutter modes for CMOS cameras?

Joao Neto
March 2016 — 3507 views Imaging