Custom Laser Solutions

Here is how we have been building our reputation

At Allied Scientific Pro (ASP), our engineering team is dedicated to providing the best and most innovative design service for our clients. Our expertise in the photonics field has been building our reputation over the years.

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Our areas of expertise

Expertise Laser Integration

Laser Integration

Custom solutions for any laser application including cutting, welding and engraving.

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Expertise Custom Design

Custom Design

No job is too big or too small for our engineers and design team.

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Expertise Process Development

Process Development

Our experts specialize in optimizing the performance of our systems.

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Expertise Manufacturing


We are proud to offer in-house laser manufacturing services.

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Some of our successfully completed projects

Workstation for Laser Testing of Single Events Effects, TPA and SPA

Market: Military, Aerospace

Femtosecond pulsed laser system for testing of single event effects on radiation hardened semiconductor devices. Fast repetition rate and high energy laser module with custom optical design optimized for SEE testing. Available in single and two-photons configuration. Cost and time effective alternative to synchrotron testing. 

Key Specifications
0.1 micron
X-Y-Z motorized stages resolution, from Thorlabs, New Port, Aerotech.
900 nm - 1700 nm
SWIR and visible imaging system
200X, 100X, 50X 20X
Microscope objectives

Laser Stent Cutting System for Metal, Polymer and Glass

Market: Medical

High precision all-in-one fully integrated turn-key stent cutting system. Aerotech rotary and translation stages made in the USA. 1064 nm IPG 150W average power fiber laser made in the USA. Automatic tube feeding and autofocus on Z stage.

Key Specifications
0.1 ~ 7.9 mm
Tube diameter
1 nm
Stage resolution, from New Port, Thorlabs or Aerotech
M2 < 1.1
Beam quality

LaserArt-100 Cleaning System

Market: Restoration, Conservation and Museum, Industrial

State of the art laser system to address the needs of the conservation market. Compact, robust and low-maintenance system for high-performance and speed efficient cleaning. 100W pulsed-laser with full control over cleaning parameters.

Other: Laser texturing on mould or optical components, precise laser ablation 

Key Specifications
100 W to 2000Watt
Laser power, Fiber Laser from IPG, SPI or others.
IP55, IP66, Explosion proof
1 - 1,000 kHz
Repetition rate

Our labs

Our state-of-the-art facilities for development, testing and manufacturing are equipped with:

• Pulse shaping laser system with 3 different regimes (ns, ps burst and ps on demand)
• Demo laser stent cutting system for stainless steel tubes
• Demo 50W and 100W laser cleaning system
• CO2 laser

• 0.1 micron and 1 micron motion control system
• Galvoscanners
• CNC Machine
• 3D Printer

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