03/12/2019 08:00 to 03/13/2019 17:00 (America/Montreal)

New York, United States


  Host: Rez Mani did his M.Eng in Engineering Physics from McMaster University and his PhD in satellite spectroscopic instrumentation from York University. He worked in the industry for nearly 9 years, during which he participated in many optical, laser and spectroscopic projects He returned to York University in 2011 as a researcher and a contract faculty. He currently teaches the course "Atmospheric Pollution" for the department of Natural Science at York University. He has also been collaborating with Allied Scientific Pro as a consultant for more than 6 years and recently as an application scientist for a year.


The webinar gives an introduction to principles of laser ablation with particular emphasis on laser cleaning application. The pros and cons of using laser cleaning as compared to other cleaning methods are described. The parameters of importance as far as the laser and the materials to be worked on are considered. Finally, a few examples of laser cleaning are given including a video demonstration of the laser cleaning system by Allied Scientific Pro in a nuclear decontamination facility.


•Introduction to laser ablation

•Laser medium

•Types of lasers used in laser ablation

•Laser cleaning

•Other competing surface cleaning techniques

•Dependence of laser ablation on material properties and laser parameters

•Femto-second, Pico-second and Nano-second regimes

•Application of laser ablation          

              I.Laser ablation for cleaning of art work and historical monuments      

              II.Laser ablation for removing paint from aircraft       

              III.Laser ablation for nuclear decontamination (case study from a nuclear decontamination facility)


About: Introduced in 2007, LEDucation has become the largest LED-only tradeshow and educational forum in the United States. Organized by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York, LEDucation is the ultimate marketplace for solid-state lighting innovations, giving industry professionals a chance to experience new technologies as well as continue their education through a wide range of accredited seminars. LEDucation is a non-profit event, and its proceeds help stimulate future LED advancements by supporting a variety of grants, scholarships and lighting programs.

Booth: AH 3020

What: Lighting Passport Smart Spectrometer, Lighting Passport Gatekeeper, Light Cube, Lighting Navigator, SRI-2000 UV Spectrometer, Integrating Spheres.

Where: New York Hilton Midtown, New York City, USA

When: March 12th - March 13th, 2019

Website: https://leducation.org/


New York Hilton Midtown
1335 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10019
    United States


From 03/12/2019 08:00
To 03/13/2019 17:00


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