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04/10/2018 10:30 to 04/12/2018 13:00 (America/Montreal)

Orlando, United States

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Host: Rez Mani did a M.Eng in Engineering Physics focused on optical properties of semiconductors from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. This followed by a PhD in Earth and Space Science focused on satellite optical instrumentation from York University in Toronto, Ontario. After working in industry for 10 years where he participated in a multitude of optical/laser/spectroscopic projects, he returned to York University as a contract faculty and a research associate in 2011. He has also worked for Allied Scientific Pro as a consultant since 2011 and as an application scientist since 2017.

 Webinar Description: The webinar begins by explaining the fundamental differences between the near IR and mid -IR spectroscopy methods. The fundamental absorption bands exist in the mid-IR region, however overtones which are weaker can be found in the near IR region. Mid-IR instruments such as FTIR are expensive and bulky. Several industries are now turning to near IR spectroscopy for quality control since it is a fast and inexpensive method which uses light weight portable spectrometers. NIR can be used to find the ingredients of food such as sugar, protein, moisture and fat, ingredients of drugs, sort  plastics for recycling, find the roasting degree in coffee beans, polyester content of fabrics, and many other applications. Instead of using an array detector which is more expensive. A new method called Digital Light Processing or (DLP)  uses micromirrors to shine different parts of the spectrum one after another onto a single element detector and builds the spectrum. The technology and its applications are very promising. 

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Orange County Convention Center
9800 International Dr
    Orlando, FL 32819
    United States


From 04/10/2018 10:30
To 04/12/2018 13:00


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