355nm ASP-SL DPSS Passively Q-switched 0.1-15uJ/1-100mW

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  • Wavelength:  355nm
  • Output Power: 1-100mw
  • Operation Mode: Frequency conversion of Q-switched pulsed laser
  • Beam Divergence: <<1.5

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Additional Features:

  • M2 factor: <1.5


Model ASP-SL-355nm-P-XXXT
Wavelength 355nm
Output power 1-100mw
Operating Mode Frequency conversion of Q-switched pulsed laser
Single Pulse Energy (μJ) 0.1-15
Pulse Duration (ns) -7
Peak Power (KW) -10
Transverse Mode Near TEM00
Average power (mW) Average power (mW) = Single pulse energy (μJ) * Rep. rate (kHz)
Power Stability (Over 2hours) <5%
M² Factor <1.5
Beam Divergence (mrad) <1.5
Beam Diameter (mm) -2.0
Cooling system Cooled by TEC and air, no water needed
Rep. rate (kHz) Controllable Fixed rep.rate, such as 1k, 2k, 3k, up to 5kHz, with stable laser pulses emitting (stable pulse energy, peak, duration and period)     
Uncontrollable Undefined rep. rate among 5k-7kHz and unstable laser pulse emitting. Suitable for the applications only needing high peak power pulses.
Polarization ratio >100:1
Point stability after warm-up (mrad) <0.05
Operating Temperature (ºC) 10-35
Warm - Up time (minutes) <15
Laser Head Dimensions (mm) 212(L)x88(W)x75(H)
Power Supply Dimensions (mm) 238(L)x146(W)x102(H)
Expected Lifetime (hours) >10000Hours
Warranty time one year




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