ASP-UM1200 - Ultra Micro Fiber Spectrometer Module

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  • High resolution
  • Ultra micro size
  • Low implementation costs
  • Affordable price

US$ 1325.00 1325.0 USD

US$ 1325.00

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Ultra-compact spectral measurement module; ready to integrate with all kinds of spectral equipment; it is the best choice for embedded spectral measurement applications, even more, in handheld application. 

Additional Features:

  • Ultra micro-spectrometer module
  • Easily integrated with various spectrometer’s equipment
  • It is the top choice for embedded spectrometer measurement.


Items Specifications
Spectra Resolution < 5.0 nm FWHM
Integration Time 1ms - user defined
Electronic Interface CCD I/F
Wavelength Range V: 380-780nm V2: 340-850nm
Optical Fiber Input Port SMA905
Size 39.3(W) x 43.5(D) x 10.1(H) mm
Stray Light 0.5%
Weight 8 g


Model information

Module number Wavelength range Slit width
ASP-UM1200-025-V 380 - 780 nm 25 um
ASP-UM1200-025-V2 340 - 850 nm 25 um
ASP-UM1200-40-V 380 - 780 nm 40 um
ASP-UM1200-40-V2 340 - 850 nm 40 um

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