ASP-UV-Plan-APO Series Super Long Working Distance

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  • Resolution: 0.6µm
  • Wavelength: 345-1064nm
  • Depth of focus: 1.1μm
  • N.A: 0.5

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Bright field super-long working distance objective lens. The focal plane is corrected for both Bright Field and Near UV (366nm), meaning both wavelength will be in focus. Sytem is optimized for high transmittion at 355m,. such that a microscope fitted with a yag laser can be used for repair of semiconductor and LCD circuits.


Model UV PlanAPO 20X UV PlanAPO 50X
Magnification 20X 50X
Working distance 12mm 10mm
Focal length 10mm 4mm
N.A 0.5 0.5
Resolution 0.6μm 0.6μm
Depth of focus 1.1μm 1.1μm
Wavelength 345-1064nm 345-1064nm
Transmission 55%<(355nm), 60%<(540nm) 50%<(355nm),70%<(540nm)
Glass correction 0.1J/cm2@532nm Pulse width 10nsec 0.1J/cm2@532nm Pulse width 10nsec
Weight 0.047J/cm2@355nm Pulse width 10nsec 0.028J/cm2@355nm Pulse width 10nsec
Maximum allowable -/1.0mm(LCD) -/1.0mm(LCD)
laser energy 435g 510g

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