FGS900-A - Ø25 mm KG3 Colored Glass Filter, AR Coated: 350 - 700 nm

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  • Transmissive at UV or Visible Wavelengths
  • AR Coated for 290 - 370 nm or 350 - 700 nm
  • Ø25 mm Filter
  • Peak Transmission Greater than 90% in Specified Range

US$ 65.56 65.56 USD

US$ 65.56

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We offer a selection of bandpass colored glass filters with a broadband antireflective coating designed for either the 290 - 370 nm (-UV) or 350 - 700 nm (-A) wavelength range. The broadband AR coating is deposited on both faces of a Schott glass substrate that has been selected for its high transmission in the ultraviolet or visible. The high-performance, multilayer, broadband -UV or -A coating deposited on each filter is designed to minimize surface reflections within the specified range, thereby increasing the amount of light transmitted within the specified wavelength region. This helps to improve measurement sensitivity under low light conditions. These coatings provide an average reflectivity that is less than 0.5% over the specified range when light is normally incident on the filter surface. Please see below for a representative transmission curve for each filter type, or refer to the Comparison tab for plots of the performance of the coated and uncoated filters. Several of the colored glasses used for our filters are fluorescent at certain wavelengths; for more details on how this may affect certain applications, contact Technical Support. 


Additional Fetaures:

  • Easily Mounted in SM1-Compatible Mounts
  • Weight: 0.02 kg

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