InGaAs / SWIR 1/4 VGA Cooled High Resolution Camera

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  • 320 x 256 resolution with 30 micron pixel size
  • Fast Frame Rate
  • Region of Interest
  • 900nm 1700nm or 1200nm to 2200nm

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ASP distributes PSL InGaAs short wave infrared (SWIR) 1/4 cameras , delivering 320x256 resolution. The high resolution SWIR camera can be used for a very wide variety of applications including laser beam profiling, semiconductor inspection, hyperspectral imaging, on-line process control, Low-light level imaging, and screening solar cells.

Example: For solar cells screening, defects at early processing stage can be imaged through the bulk silicon thanks to its transparency at wavelengths beyond 1.1 micron. Cracks, dead or weak responding areas are unveiled on sliced wafers, enabling automatic sorting / selection of the best pieces. The camera finally captures faint electroluminescence (EL) and photoluminescence (PL) emissions from individual photovoltaic cells that are directly proportional to their efficiency. These high resolution SWIR cameras are supplied with state of art SWIR optics which will deliver superior resolution / contrast modulation and lower distortion than conventional NIR optics that are used with conventional CCD cameras.

List of Abstract and published papers;

SWIR imagers can operate at near room temperature with cut-off wavelengths that extend from 1.7μm (for InP lattice matched InGaAs) to beyond 2.0μm with strained InGaAs epitaxial growth on InP substrates. A leading application in the SWIR band – Night vision, requires very low dark current levels, whereas the dark current increases as the cutoff wavelength increases. We demonstrate imaging applications are made possible by utilizing dark current reduction and the physics knowledge of background and objects radiances. A newly built imager is presented. 


  • Spectral Domain OCT imaging
  • Solar cell inspection, science imaging
  • Bare solar cell silicon wafer inspection
  • Astronomy
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • TIRF / Super resolution microscopy
  • Temperature furnace monitoring
  • Confocal microscopy / cell screening
  • Industrial thermal imaging
  • Chemiluminescence
  • Imaging spectroscopy
  • DeSrmpatoelogcic timragoingscopy
  • Thick sample / tissue IR microscopy
  • Single molecule imaging
  • Laser profiling / telecom
  • Cell motility / live cell recording
  • Low ligh Level / range gated IR imaging
  • Hyper-spectral imaging
  • Electron microscopy
  • Biochip reader
  • Spectroscopy

  • 320 (h) x 256 (v) InGaAs array
  • Input pixel size : 30 x 30 microns
  • Input size: 9.6 x 7.68 mm
  • 65 fps at full resolution @ 10 MHz
  • Responsitivity in low gain mode: 0.7mV / electron
  • Responsitivity in high gain mode: 13.3mV / electron
  • High QE (80%) with high responsitivity resulting in high sensitivity SWIR camera module
  • Achieving low dark current with single stage peltier cooling
  • Dark current: 3,000 el/pixel/sec @ -30 degree C (2x every 7 degree C)
  • Read out noise: nominal value about 120 el, ROI limited, <100 el with interpolation noise reduction
  • Rugged design allowing reliable operation and integration in demanding environments
  • OEM module available
  • C-mount
  • Exportable around world, none ITAR
  • Made in UK

InGaAs / SWIR VGA High Resolution Camera

InGaAs / SWIR VGA High Resolution Camera Beach

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