LaserBlast-100 Cleaning System

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  • 100 Watts
  • Long Lifetime, Ultra-robust
  • Presets easy to use for different surface
  • Controllable laser beam shape
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Allied Scientific Pro (ASP) has developed and manufactured a laser cleaning system for the conservation market. Offering full control over a wide range of parameters allows for precise cleaning with the ability to retain patinas.

With a long legacy of expertise in laser nano and micro machining process, ASP is capable of offering a state of the art laser system to address the needs of the conservators. Our laser system is compact, robust and has a long lifetime with low or no maintenance for years. We are using the latest laser and scanner technology to offer high quality performance and speed efficient cleaning without causing damage to the object.

ASP laser laboratory services can  assist conservators by establishing optimal parameters from samples provided if required.

  • 100 Watt output laser from the laser head
  • 5 meters or more optical fiber delivery for remote access
  • Short pulse with no thermal effect
  • Long lifetime with the latest laser technology made in the USA
  • Low cost of operation 
  • Air Cooled, no need for water cooled which helps preserve the building 
  • One worker operation
  • Laser safety glasses included
  • 1 year warranty


  • Building restoration: Stone, Metals, Wood 
  • Art and sculpture  
  • Antique cars, boats and machinery
  • Graffiti removal 
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Critical concrete infrastructure, dam, highway overpass  
  • Clean environment applications
  • Lead-based paint removal
  • Art conservation
  • Painting conservation
  • Paper conservation
  • Artifact conservation
  • Wood conservation
  • Textile conservation;  leather 
  • Archaeological material
  • Welding preparation of surfaces
  • Insert molding cleaning
  • Rust and oxidation cleaning
  • Surface smoothing 
  • Varnish and paint removal
  • Nuclear reactor contamination cleaning
  • Anilox roller for printing machine

Key advantages:

  • Reduce total effective cost per sq/ft by 40% to 60% depending on the material

  • Reduce labor cost: only 1 operator

  • Avoid damaging the material base substrate

  • No need for water, avoid water infiltration

  • No need for chemical 

  • Reduce 90% of toxic waste disposal cost : solvent, media blasting, liquid waste 

  • Reduce risk of injury at work

  • Environmental friendly

  • Reduction in injury rate

  • Reduce cost of protective clothing

  • Increase lifetime of the substrate your are trying to conserve

  • Zero consumables

  • Zero preparation cost

  • Easy on scheduling


Effective cost includes; labor, preparation time, damage prevention, power consumed, amortized equipment cost, consumable material costs and residue disposition costs.

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Key advantages of Laser cleaning of LaserArt-100

Laser cleaning best in class!

Cleaning TechniqueLaser cleaningDry IceSandGlass BeadsWalnut ShellsWaterSteamSolvents
Electrically ConductiveNONONONONOYESYESYES
Environment-friendly YESCO2 NoNONONONONONO
NoisyVery LowVery HighVery HighVery HighHighHighMediumLow
HazardousLowHighVery HighVery HighVery HighHighHighMedium
Cause airborne particlesNOYESYESYESYESYESYESNO
At-line-online cleaningYESNONONONOYESNONO
Works on hot or cold surfacesYESSometimeYESYESYESNOYESNO
Extra Nozzle or tools to shape flowNOYESYESYESYESYESYESNO
Performance ComparisonExcellenteGreatOKOKLimitedOKPoorLimited

Laser specifications:  

Laser Engine 100 Watts, 200 Watts, 500 and 1000 Watts also available
Pulse duration10 to 30nsec (may vary)
CoolingWater cooled for 200Watt
Estimate Lifetime Expectancy10 years
Repetition rate1 to 55 KHz ( may vary)
Peak PowerKilowatt
Design No moving parts in the laser engine
Voltage and power comsuption3x400-480VAC ±10% 50/60Hz/4200Watts
Scanner Head; 
Flexible configuration Software allows for many types of scans; Round, Line, square, can be adapted to all types of surfaces or shape
RobustMade of a Aluminium, 2 handle bars and protective lens cap
Working distance  12 to 18 inches
Laser enclosure 
IP levelIP55
Cooling 4 Cooling fans fully protected from water
Handle barRobust handle bars on each side for manutation 
Extension electrical cord30 feets 120V
ComputerRobust computer or tablet with full control and easy to use
SoftwareEzclean software included
Laser presets
3 presets cleaning process included for Radiation contamination 



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