M90 and M100 Single Detector FTIR Spectrometers

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  • Small, rugged, lightweight, highly sensitive passive FTIR
  • 7-12 micron operating range
  • Available with either a 1.5 or .5 degree field of view
  • Stirling engine cooled HgCdTe detector

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M90: OEM Engine

The M90 is one of Block's standard, fully developed products and has been shipped to various OEM partners over the past 10 years. Among other applications, the M90 is currently the key component inside the Northrop Grumman Mobile Chemical Agent Detector (MCAD) installed at the National Capital region to protect critical installations against chemical terrorism attacks.


M100: Integrated Spectrometer

The M100 differs from the M90 in that it is fully enclosed and packaged as a standalone product, rather than an OEM product. The M90/M100 is a compact, ruggedized and military hardened Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer, which incorporates Block's decades of design and field experience. The device operates in the 7-12 µm range and provides spectral readings for subsequent processing by the users. Spectral resolutions are operator selectable from 2 cm-1 to 16 cm-1 with scan rates reaching 22 scans per second. 

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