Mounted 715 nm Longpass Colored Glass Filter

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  • Fabricated from 2 mm Thick RG715 Schott Glass
  • 25 mm Round Filter in SM1-Threaded Mount
  • Transmissive Up to At Least 1800 nm
  • Engraved with Part Number and Description

US$ 67.18 67.18 USD

US$ 67.18

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Transmission (including surface reflections) is plotted as a function of wavelength to the right. The region shaded in blue represents the range over which this filter is transmissive. At wavelengths shorter than the cut-on wavelength, the filter blocks the light. Thorlabs' Mounted Longpass Colored Glass Filters are manufactured from different colors of Schott glass and are intended for use in a wide variety of applications. The SM1-mounted (1.035"-40), Ø25 mm filters will thread into our filter wheels or any of our lens tube accessories. The housing is engraved with the part number and longpass cut-on wavelength for easy identification. The filters are also available unmounted.


General Specifications
Material Schott Colored Glass
Diameter 25 mm
Clear Aperture 80% of Diameter
Thickness 2 mm
Thickness Tolerance +0.0 mm/-0.4 mm
Surface Quality 40-20 Scratch-Dig
Surface Flatness <λ @ 633 nm
Wedge <3 arcmin

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