Nd:YAG 1064 nm / 532 nm / 355 nm / 266 nm Diode Pumped Q-Switched Laser (nanosecond)

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  • High Power Output (5 - 100 W)
  • Good Power Stability (1% over 8h)
  • Low cost & High Reliability
  • A-O Q-switched

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee 1 Year Extended Warranty

Allied Scientific Pro has partnered with a laser construction company to bring cost-effective high power pulsed lasers. Our YAG lasers can be pulsed at the kHz level with pulse widths of 1 to 120 ns. They have been designed for heavy industrial use and each laser goes through an extensive testing procedure. All components are welded into place such that even heavy vibration does not affect the internal system. We can insert beam expanders, secondary lasers for targeting and other accessories upon request. Our YAG lasers come with a power supply and chiller unit. 532 nm and 355 nm lasers come with KTP crystal temperature control. Principle applications of this laser include:

  •   Cutting Diamonds
  •   Marking
  •   Engraving
  •   Scribing & Drilling
  •   Micromachining
  •   Solar Cell marking
  •   Semiconductor marking
  •   Scientific use

Additional Features:

  • Long life pump diode modules
  • Long lifetime & maintenance-free

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