Ophir 787100 StarLink Direct to PC Power Sensors - PD300-StarLink

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  • Select group of power sensors
  • Packaged with the Juno USB PC interface.
  • Connected via a USB cable to the PC USB port
  • Can operate directly with the PC with no need for an power meter

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US$ 1430.00

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The Ophir StarLink series is a select group of power sensors that are provided packaged with the Ophir Juno USB PC interface. The Ophir StarLink sensor with the Juno is connected via a USB cable to the PC USB port and can operate directly with the PC with no need for an power meter.

The Ophir StarLink package includes the sensor, a Juno PC interface and the software.

The software package includes:

  • Ophir StarLab software - the most sophisticated and easiest to use power/energy PC software available anywhere.
  • A COM Object interface and drivers for LabVIEW.

Each Ophir StarLink data sheet in the table below includes the following:

  • Specification sheet of the sensor that is part of StarLink (see StarLink P/N below the sensor's P/N)
  • Ophir Juno data sheet
  • Ophir StarLab software data sheet
  • LabVIEW data sheet

Apertume 10x10mm
Spectral Range 350-1100mm
Power Range 500pW-300mW
Dimensions 120 L x 13 W x 21 D (mm)
Max Pulse Energy 20µJ
Max Average Power Density 10W/cm2
Response Time 0.2 s
Max Average Power 300mW


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