Cannabis THC-CBD Smart Analyzer Luminary™ Profiler

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  • Tests: Total THC, THC acid, Total CBD, CBD acid, CBN
  • Products: Buds, Hash, Waxes, and Oils.
  • Amount of required sample (approx): 100 milligrams (solid) or 100 micro liters (liquid)
  • IP65 (can be used inside the greenhouse)
  • Very easy to use, no need for a chemist technician
  • Uses FDA approved analytical method
  • Dimensions: 8.66" x 6.3" x 8.27"
  • Measurement Principle: Near-infrared Spectroscopy

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US$ 23900.00

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Partnering with Sage Analytics,  Allied Scientific Pro brings spectroscopy to a new field. 

The Luminary™ Profiler by Sage Analytics is a potency measurement system that enhances the current state of potency profiling of Total THC, THCA, Total CBD, and CBDA content by providing rapid, accurate measurements, field portability, convenience and affordability to the entire cannabis eco-system. This desktop device will make the inconveniences of potency testing a thing of the past by delivering accurate, spectroscopy-based measurements for real-time, on-site use.

  • Instant, accurate and repeatable measurements of Total THC, THCA, Total CBD, and CBDA of flowers and concentrates.
  • Gather, process and interpret data in seconds.
  • Portable, easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require a trained technician.
  • A greener method: simply uses light, no need to heat, burn or destroy samples.
  • Compact, lightweight, desktop design that requires little space.

Here is what you need to know:

What it tests for: Total THC, THC acid, Total CBD, CBD acid, CBN


What products it tests: Buds, hash, waxes, oils 


How long a measurement takes: 30 seconds


Amount of sample required (approx): 100 milligrams (solid) or 100 micro liters (liquid)


Measurement principle: Near-infrared spectroscopy


Is sample consumable-after testing? Yes 


Calibration required: Once per day 


System-developer: 16 year provider of FDA-compliant near-infrared spectroscopy solutions to pharmaceutical industry


Data printing: Included label printer 


Database: Internal database, export to .CSV 


Internet requirements: No connection required 


Where the computation occurs: Within the device


Portability: Yes 


System interface: Integrated touchscreen 


Dimensions: 8.66” x 6.3” x 8.27” 






Weight (lbs): 11.5 


Power Consumption (W): 15 


Input Voltage (VDC): 12 


Lamp Type: Tungsten Halogen 


Lamp Life (hrs): 2000 


User Interface: iPad Mini 


Environmental Rating: IP65

Luminary Profiler - Cannabis / Marijuana THC and CBD Analyzer Demo

Luminary Profiler - Marijuana Analyzer | What's in the Box

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