Solar Cell Spectroscopic Reflectometer (+ D8 Integration Sphere)

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  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy
  • High power for solar samples
  • Detailed material library

US$ 149000.00 149000.0 USD

US$ 149000.00

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From both offices in Canada and Taiwan R.O.C. Allied Scientific Pro is offering cost effective Industrial Reflectometers. Measuring the optical constants of solar cells can be troublesome. Reduced reflectivity, different types of Si substrate and surface texturing can all prove to be very difficult to compensate for, unless you use our D8 Reflectometer. By measuring the amount of reflected light from a surface and integrating over a wide variety of angles in the D8 sphere, our reflectometers can accurately measure even the darkest and most absorbing of photovoltaic surfaces. This is ideal for measuring anti-reflection coatings deposited on a solar-cell surface. The advantages offered by this system are:

  • Can measure highly-absorbing surfaces

  • Can measure AR coating thickness

  • Ideal for solar cells

  • No focussing required - huge reduction in preparation time

  • Sample can lay flat - Ideal for mapping applications

  • Works on poly-Si, mono-Si and monolike-Si substrates

  • Works in very low light situations

  • Comes in black-out box

  • Best price on the market

We offer two cost effective models and many other combinations with motorized stages. Our combo solution offers you both our Spectral Reflectometer and Ellipsometer in one cheap and simple package. These instruments are produced by the worldwide market leader in this field and come with customer satisfaction guaranteed.  Please take a look at our brochure below to find out more: 


Reflectometer Specifications

RadiTech reflectometers are all high quality, precision engineered scientific instruments. Listed below are their technical specifications. Please refer to each machine's brochure, or send us an email for more details and information.


Additional Features:

  • Robust Design
  • Cost-effective



 Raditech SR  

Raditech D8 SR

Min. Wavelength (nm) 380 350
Max. Wavelength (nm) 1050 1050
Measuring Time (s) 2 7
Spot Size (µm) 40 22000
Min. Film Thickness (nm) 30 N/A
Max Film Thickness (nm) 20000 N/A
Accuracy Values:
Reflectance ±1% ±1%
Thickness (Å) ±12 N/A
Repeatability (Å) ±5 ±5


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