Spectral X Agricultural Net

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  • Filter sun that comes into your greenhouse
  • Increase plant growth efficiency
  • Attenuate the green light spectral range from the sun
  • Control your plant's photosynthetic needs

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Our patented product is a shading material for greenhouses that allows you to adjust and filter the sunlight coming into them. It protects the crops by blocking some of the unwanted spectrum shades from the sun. The agricultural spectrum net allows the plants to get their optimal photosynthesis needs which makes the growing much more fast and efficient.

Agricultural Spectrum Net features:
  • Adjusts the RGB ratio from sunlight to match photosynthesis requirements
  • Enhance the plant growth period before the selling season
  • Reduce the watering needs of the plants (water saving)
  • Improve the quality of plants (taste, smell, sweetness, juice, etc.)
  • Improve the quantity and size of plants and fruits
  • Extend the plants’ or flowers' shelf life
  • Reduce risks of insect infestation that can ruin crops
  • Reduce the agrochemical and protect the environment
  • Lower temperature (2°C or above in the midday heat inside the greenhouse)
  • Reduce the midday light for potential withering



What is the spectrum between different color shade net ?  Many greenhouse net are available but no one is optimized spectrally.

Our spectrum net is optimized for the optimum lighting of the plants. Because the plants photosynthesis spectrum range is between 400nm~700nm, the chlorophyll and carotene AB use mostly the spectral range 400nm ~ 500m and 600nm ~ 700nm, for blue light and the red light region , the 500nm ~ 600nm spectral range of green light region is not so used by the plant ( see the green curve showing the dipe of the curve in the green region, too much green light is actually not optimal. The chlorophyll f is use 700nm ~ 760nm which perform well with our spectrum net.


Adjusting Sunlight Spectrum Net Functional Comparison


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