Widy VGA SWIR camera Ingaas ASP-640V-S

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  • InGaAs Logarithmic Response, Snapshot mode
  • VGA Resolution , 640 x 512 effective pixels, 15µm square pixels, 12.3mm diagonal
  • High Dynamic Range thanks to its patented Solar Cell pixel structure: 140 dB 

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The WiDy SWIR ASP-640V-S camera is a Near InfraRed camera (900-1700nm) especially designed for users in the industry, laser and process control domains whom are looking for Wide Dynamic Range, VGA resolution, reliable and ease of use solution in NIR imaging. WiDy SWIR 640V-S camera makes use of NSC1201-SI sensor, delivers video signal in digital 14 bits via USB 3.0 interface. It is delivered as a turn-key package including camera, software tools and cables in shock proof case allowing thus a quick and easy integration in any equipment platform.

The WIDY SWIR 640V-S exists in different versions, module or camera which integrates the sensor NSC1201-SI Monochrome. This camera does not integrate control of temperature thanks to the pixel design and the NUC correction 


  •  Hot Glass Inspection 

  • Thermography 

  • Laser Additive Manufacturing 

  • Active imaging 

  • Firefighting 

  • Art Inspection 

  • Spectroscopy and Microscopy 

  • Other : UAV, Airplanes, Trains 

  • Medical 

  • Laser alignment & beam imaging

Sensor Format1 Inch
Pixel Pitch15µm
Exposure Time200ns to 100us
Spectral Response0.9 to 1.7um
Dynamic Range>140dB
ADC14 Bits
Frame RateUp to 100Hz
Power Consumption< 1.5W
Power Range5V (USB)
Temperature Range -40 to 70°C
MechanicalVibration and shock tested

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