Widy WDR QVGA InGaAS SWIR Camera 900nm-1700nm

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  • 140 dB of Dynamic Range best for low and high light intensity
  • Low and High gain mode
  • SDK on C++ or Labview
  • Renting for 2000$ per month
  • Discontinued, See the Replacement Unit: WidyWidy Swir 320U-S 

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NIT Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) products are based on a proprietary Wide Dynamic Range ROIC technologies and offer a Dynamic Range (DR) of more than 140DB in a single image without any external control. The internal Fixed Pattern Noise correction gives a high uniformity pictures in all light conditions with no need for a Look-up table. The NIT WDR InGaAs sensors use InGaAs photodiodes array operate from 900nm to 1700nm with a high QE and coupled to a patented Read Out Circuit (ROIC). The camera modules in the WiDy SWIR family offer different interface compatibility with an extreme ease of use: The digital version is delivered with a full Software development kit (SDK), WiDy View, operating in Microsoft Windows. The analog version gives direct SWIR video flux through a composite connection.

Additional Features:

  • 320x256 pixels


  • High temperature thermography
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Bio medical imaging
  • Waste sorting and more!

Technical Specifications

Sensor NSC0803-SI
Resolution  320x256 pixels
Materials InGaAs
Pixel size 25umx25um
QE 70%
Dimensions 46 * 46 * 32 mm
Data output 14 bits USB 2.0
Dynamic Range


Logarithmic response

Lens mount CS (C or S-mount option)
A/D converter 14 bits
Frame rate up to 150 fps
Compatibility Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7
Operating Temp 0oC to +50oC


ASP-NIT Swir Camera

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