Odoo Survey

Where are your office headquarters located?

Do you have any other office locations?

How many locations would be using Odoo?

How many employees in total do you have?

How many employees will be using Odoo?

Is the company privately own?

How many years have you been in business?

What was your revenue last year?

Are you ISO certified? If so, which one?

When does your fiscal year end?

What CRM are you using at the moment?

What accounting system are you using at the moment?

What other tools are using at the moment?

If other, specify

Do you have IT resources?

What are you selling?

Which proportion (%) is goods?

Which proportion (%) is services

Are you a B2B company only?

Are you currently selling online only?

How many sales representatives do you have?

How many stores do you have now?

Are you using a Point Of Sale system?

What methods of payment are you accepting?

Do you offer to your customers:

How many sale transactions do you have per year?

How many quotes do you give per year?

How many invoices per year?

How many products (including product variants) do you carry?

How many suppliers do you have?

Where are your suppliers located?

How many purchase orders per year?

How many people are in charge of purchasing?

How many levels of approval for each purchase order?

Are you currently doing manual requests for shipping confirmation dates with your supplier?

How many products (SKU) do you keep in stock?

How many warehouses/storages do you have?

How often are counting your inventory?

Are you currently keeping a minimum stock for each product?

Are you currently automatically replenishing your stock according to your minimum?

How many people are involved during physical inventory?

What are your standard incoterms?

Which carriers are you using the most?

Are you doing drop shipping with your supplier?

Can customers pick up merchandise on site?

Are you allowing pickup from your warehouse?

Do you have a fleet of trucks or cars?

How many trucks do you have?

How many cars do you have?

Are you leasing or buying the vehicles?

Do you deliver products with your own vehicle?

What is your method of marketing?

Is marketing done in-house?

How many people work on your marketing?

Did you build your own website in-house?

Which platform/CMS is your website based on?

Are you using a sales process with leads and opportunity qualification?

Are you advertising online?

What is your annual AdWords budget?

What is your annual marketing budget?

Do you do manufacturing in-house?

How many employees work in manufacturing?

Are you planning on manufacturing in the next 1-3 years?

How many products are you manufacturing?

Where are your goods manufactured?

Is accounting done internally?

How many people work in the accounting department?

Do you close your finances monthly or quarterly?

Are you using dashboard at the moment with KPI?

Which KPI are you following?

Are you using a budget and a financial forecast?

Do you have multiple companies ?

Does the company share resources and products ?

Which HR tool-software are using now?

How many full-time employees do you have?

How many part-time employees?

How many seasonal employees?

When is the annual review of the employees?

Do you have objectives for each employees?

Do you have a strategy to retain talent?