Prerequisites for Laser SPA SEE System Installation

What is the size of the room in which the system will be installed, knowing that the optical table for the workstation is 6 by 4 feet? *

What is the height of the room? *

How many electrical outlets are there in the room? Are they properly grounded? *

Is the building (the floor) anti-static, if not which kind? *

Is it possible to have the room plan? (size, height,electrical outlets location) *

Is the room only dedicated for the SEE System or do you plan to install it with other equipments? *

In which floor is the room located? *

In which floor is the room located?

Do you mind using google XL sharing documents for the system installation calendar? *

Is the room temperature controllable individually or is it part of centralised control system? *

Is the air conditioning central or window fixed? *

Is the building located near a road causing a lot of vibrations? *