SEE Services Survey

1. Do you currently use laser testing for testing single event effects (SEE)?

2. What type of SEE laser testing are you mostly interested in?

3. Do you find the offer for SEE laser testing facilities in America enough in terms of availability?

4. When you choose a SEE testing facility your first criteria of selection is?

5. Last time when you used a Laser SEE testing station what did you dislike the most about it?

6. In terms of devices which ones do you need to test the most? (more than one answer)

7. If a laser testing service was available today in Ottawa, (Eastern Canada) how likely would you be to pay for the service?

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8. How much are you paying right now for SEE laser testing per day (in US$)?

9. How much would you be willing to pay for the service offer in Canada (in US$)?

10. How many days in a row are you typically purchasing currently?

11. How much are you spending per year in SEE laser testing (in US$)?

12.- What do you expect from the staff who provides the service? (multiple answers allowed)

13. How interested are you in purchasing a SEE pulsed laser testing workstation?

14. When will you start budgeting the purchase of a SEE system?

15. Would you like a quote in order to start budgeting with your organization?

16. Would like to talk to one of our SEE laser testing experts soon?

17. Will you be more likely to purchase a full system if you have the chance to test some devices beforehand?

18. If you wish to be contacted by one of our experts, please leave your name, company name and phone number.